7 Must-Watch Stoner Movies on Amazon Prime for a Trippy Cinematic Journey

Comedy has always been a versatile genre, blending elements from various other genres to create unique and entertaining films. In the world of cinema, comedy has a rich history that dates back to the early days of filmmaking. Among the myriad sub-genres of comedy, one that emerged in the 1970s and has since become a cult favorite is the “stoner comedy.”

These movies draw their humor from the use of psychotropic substances, primarily cannabis, leading to hilarious and sometimes surreal experiences on screen. While stoner movies are known for their comedic elements, they can also delve into the psychedelic and trippy, offering viewers a mind-bending cinematic journey.

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through seven fantastic stoner movies available for streaming on Amazon Prime right now.

1. “The Wave” (2019):

Directed by Gille Klabin, “The Wave” takes viewers on a trippy exploration of consciousness and time. Frank, an insurance lawyer, stumbles upon a flaw in a firefighter’s insurance policy, leading him on a wild journey through time after an encounter with hallucinogenic drugs. Get ready for a mind-bending adventure that blurs the lines between reality and perception.

2. “The Mandela Effect” (2019):

This film delves into the intriguing phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect, where individuals have false memories of events that never occurred. Follow Brendan and his quest to uncover the truth about his daughter’s disappearance, which leads him to a parallel universe where she may still be alive. “The Mandela Effect” combines mystery and trippy elements to keep you hooked.

3. “The Honor Farm” (2017):

Directed by Karen Skloss, “The Honor Farm” explores the adventures of best friends Lucy and Anne, whose prom night takes an unexpected turn when they decide to join their classmates for a night of mushrooms and a séance at a haunted, abandoned prison known as the Honor Farm. Prepare for a hallucinogenic journey filled with unexpected twists.

4. “Sunshine Hotel” (2001):

In this documentary by Michael Dominic, we delve into the history and lives of the residents of the Sunshine Hotel, a famous flophouse on Bowery in Manhattan. Narrated by the hotel’s 16-year-old manager, Nathan Smith, who sadly passed away, the film offers a poignant glimpse into the lives of those who call Sunshine Hotel home.

5. “The Doors” (1991):

Oliver Stone’s “The Doors” chronicles the rise and fall of the iconic rock band and its charismatic lead singer, Jim Morrison. Dive into the drug-fueled, hedonistic life of Morrison as he experiments with substances like marijuana, LSD, and peyote during the tumultuous 1960s’ hippie culture. Val Kilmer’s portrayal of Morrison is a highlight of this compelling film.

6. “Green is Gold” (2016):

Written and directed by Ryon Baxter, “Green is Gold” tells the story of two brothers whose lives take a twist when one becomes involved in the risky business of marijuana cultivation. Cameron, a marijuana dealer, and his 13-year-old brother Mason find themselves bonding over the cultivation process in this heartwarming yet unconventional tale.

7. “The Electrical Life of Louis Wain” (2021):

This biographical film explores the life of artist Louis Wain, portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch. As Louis takes up the responsibility of caring for his family, he discovers his talent for painting cats, with his art evolving in mesmerizing ways. As he navigates love and loss, Louis’ paintings take on a surreal, anthropomorphic quality.


These stoner movies on Amazon Prime offer a wide range of experiences, from mind-bending trips to heartwarming tales of bonding and artistic evolution. Whether you’re a fan of classic stoner comedies or crave a more surreal cinematic adventure, this list has something for everyone. So, grab your popcorn, get comfortable, and embark on a trippy journey through these captivating films. Get ready for a dose of humor, surrealism, and thought-provoking storytelling—all in the world of stoner cinema.

Written by Cold Stoner

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