Top Punjabi Artists Who Smoke Weed

In the Punjabi music industry, many artists often reference weed in their lyrics. These mentions can be part of their artistic expression and may or may not reflect their personal lives. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top Punjabi artists known for referencing weed in their music.

TOP Punjabi Artists Who Smoke Weed & Bring Unique Vibes To Their Music With Weed References.

Punjabi Artists Who Smoke Weed

1. Karan Aujla

Karan Aujla is a significant name in the Punjabi music scene. Known for his distinctive writing and singing style, Karan often includes references to weed in his songs, adding a unique flavor to his music.

2. AP Dhillon

AP Dhillon has quickly made a name for himself in the modern Punjabi music world. His songs resonate with the youth, and they frequently contain references to weed, making his music relatable to many listeners.

3. Badshah

Badshah is a well-known figure in both Bollywood and the Punjabi music industry. He doesn’t shy away from mentioning weed in his lyrics, which often reflects his swag and lifestyle.

4. Yo Yo Honey Singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh is known for his catchy beats and memorable lyrics. He has also referenced weed in several of his songs, which highlights his unique style and appeal.

5. Sultaan

Sultaan is another prominent artist in the Punjabi music scene. His music often includes raw and edgy lyrics, with weed being a recurring theme.

6. Deep Jandu

Deep Jandu, a talented music producer and singer, is also known for incorporating weed references into his music. His work adds a distinctive touch to the Punjabi music landscape.

7. Elly Mangat

Elly Mangat’s songs are known for their bold lyrics and powerful delivery. Weed references are a common feature in his music, resonating with many of his fans.

8. Bohemia

Bohemia, often regarded as the pioneer of Desi hip-hop, frequently mentions weed in his songs. His influence on the Punjabi music industry is immense, and his references to weed are part of his larger-than-life persona.

9. Vadda Grewal

Vadda Grewal’s music is known for its relatable lyrics and catchy tunes. Weed references in his songs add to the authenticity and appeal of his music.

Weed in Music: A Growing Trend?

It’s clear that many Punjabi artists mention weed in their songs. Whether this reflects their personal lives or is simply part of their artistic expression, it has certainly become a trend. These songs are popular among the youth and often make the music more relatable.

Platforms like HighDairies help us understand how references to weed in music are becoming a trend in the industry. However, it’s important to remember that music is primarily for entertainment, and these lyrics should be viewed in that context.

Written by Doper Girl

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