10 Songs For Your Solo Sesh Playlist

You’ve heard of pairing wine with cheese. But what about pairing certain strains with your favorite songs? Any stoner knows that smoking weed and listening to music go hand in hand, but we want to take your sessions to the next rhythmic level. 

We’ve gathered 10 of our favorite songs over the years and paired them with the best strains that’ll take your listening experience to new peaks. You’ll hear instruments you didn’t before, understand lyrics you couldn’t, and feel connected with the artist on a profoundly creative level. What’s better than that? 

Read on to learn more about the best strains to pair with these bangers.

1. Yoko Gold – Limbo

Limbo” is a striking composition that deftly wades into the depths of introspection and self-discovery.

Yoko Gold manifests as a storyteller, unearthing the nuances of being trapped in a liminal space between the past and an uncertain future. The track’s instrumentation is masterfully constructed, with subtle oscillations that mirror the heart’s rhythm when caught in a state of contemplation.

Melancholic piano chords interweave with contemporary beats, bridging time-tested soulfulness and modern-day hip-hop vibes. Yoko’s voice, layered and rich, lulls the listener into a trance, where every word feels like a delicate brushstroke on a canvas of emotions.

The song is an exploration, not just of sound, but of the very essence of human existence, our yearnings, our fears, and the eventual acceptance of life’s ambiguities.

Strain Pairing: Blue Dream

Just as “Limbo” dives into introspection and self-discovery, Blue Dream, with its balanced hybrid lineage combines the best of both worlds – cerebral stimulation from its sativa parent and calming relaxation from its indica side. 

Alex Mali – Trust The Process

Trust The Process,” the title of Alex Mali‘s much-anticipated album, stands as a testimony to the art of patient endurance. Mali’s vocals are a revelation, oscillating between powerful assertions and vulnerable admissions.

The production is pristine, with harmonious melodies that cascade over rhythmic beats, evoking sensations of both nostalgia and hope. Her lyricism, raw and unfiltered, touches upon the universal struggle of waiting, of embracing the journey, even when the destination is clouded in mystery.

The song is a tapestry of soul, R&B, and profound storytelling, creating an atmosphere where listeners are invited not only to hear but to feel, empathize, and resonate with the artist’s message. It’s more than just a musical number; it’s a life mantra encased in rhythm and melody.

Strain Pairing: Super Lemon Haze

For a song that emphasizes endurance and embracing the journey, Super Lemon Haze is an ideal match. Known for its energetic and uplifting effects, this strain embodies the essence of persevering and enjoying the ride. Its sharp lemon aroma brings a zesty freshness that aligns with the optimism inherent in Mali’s song.

Soshi Takeda – Floating Mountains

“Floating Mountains” by Soshi Takeda is a melodious journey that captures the listener’s imagination, transporting them to landscapes untouched by time.

This composition intertwines the ancient with the ethereal, conjuring images of mist-covered mountain peaks and serene valleys that seem to float above reality. The instrumentation delicately balances traditional Asian soundscapes with contemporary ambiance. Each note plucked, whether from a koto or a shamisen, resonates deeply, echoing tales of old yet crafting narratives anew.

Takeda’s mastery is evident in his ability to encapsulate vast expanses and minute details simultaneously. There’s a profound stillness to “Floating Mountains,” much like a serene dawn where nature’s beauty is in quiet contemplation. Yet, within that stillness, there’s a dance of elements – wind whispering secrets to ancient trees, streams recounting stories of their journey, and mountains standing sentinel, bearing witness to eons.

Listening to “Floating Mountains” is not just an auditory experience; it’s a spiritual voyage. Takeda invites listeners to ascend with him, above the mundane, to where mountains float and souls find solace. It’s a testament to the universality of music, where regardless of language or origin, emotions and stories flow unfettered, touching every heart that’s willing to listen.

Strain Pairing: White Widow

To accompany the ethereal landscapes painted by “Floating Mountains,” White Widow is a choice strain. This globally acclaimed hybrid delivers a burst of euphoria followed by a cloud of calm, embodying the sensations of soaring over mystical terrains and then resting atop serene peaks. The earthy, woody aroma of White Widow resonates with the ancient undertones of the track. 

Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls

West End Girls” by Pet Shop Boys is an iconic track that teleports listeners to the pulsating heart of 1980s London. It’s a masterful concoction of synth-pop layered with deep bass and rhythmic beats that evoke a sense of city life’s hurried pace, neon lights, and the contrast between the metropolitan elite and the everyday individual.

Neil Tennant’s vocals, both haunting and evocative, float through the track, telling a tale of love, class, and ambition amidst a city that never sleeps. There’s a cinematic quality to the song; each note paints a picture, and each word tells a story. It’s not just a song but a journey through the labyrinthine streets of London, where shadows merge with lights and dreams intertwine with reality.

Strain Pairing: Pineapple Express

To complement the dynamic energy and metropolitan vibe of “West End Girls,” Pineapple Express is the strain of choice. This hybrid combines the potent and flavorful forces of parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. The scent is likened to fresh apple and mango, with a taste of pineapple, pine, and cedar – perfect for evoking that mix of urban and natural sensations. 

Grouplove – Colours

Grouplove‘s “Colours” is a vibrant explosion of indie rock passion and raw emotion. From its catchy guitar riffs to the anthemic chorus, the track is an odyssey through the myriad shades of human emotion. The song begins with a sense of reflective melancholy and gradually builds into an exuberant crescendo, symbolizing the transition from despair to hope.

The poetic lyrics, interwoven with the infectious energy of the melodies, embody the complexities of relationships, identity, and self-discovery. It’s a celebration of life’s ups and downs, acknowledging the dark shades while reveling in the brighter hues. The beauty of “Colours” lies in its universality; it’s a song that speaks to the heart, resonating with anyone who’s ever grappled with the bittersweet dance of love and loss.

Strain Pairing: Durban Berry

For a song that celebrates the spectrum of emotions, Durban Berry is an impeccable match. This indica-dominant strain is as colorful in its effects as its name suggests. Known for its array of vibrant colors and a tantalizing mix of tropical fruit flavors, Durban Berry offers a deeply relaxing experience. 

Anderson .Paak – Lite Weight

Anderson .Paak‘s “Lite Weight” is a sonic journey through the soulful realms of contemporary R&B and funk. The song exudes an effortlessly smooth vibe, merging intricate beats, delicate electronic flourishes, and Paak’s distinctively charismatic vocals. “Lite Weight” is a reflection on the transient nature of life, love, and the constant push and pull of desires.

The track’s lyrical depth is wrapped in a light, breezy instrumentation, creating a contrast that is both captivating and introspective. It’s a reminder to let go of life’s burdens and to float on the euphoric waves of the present moment. As the chorus suggests, sometimes all you need is a lightweight to lift you off the ground and into the vast expanse of the sky.

Strain Pairing: Bruce Banner

Best known as the alter ego of Marvel’s Hulk, but in the cannabis world, it stands as a force of its own. This dynamic strain, often coming in with towering levels of THC, is known to hit with a rush of euphoric energy before settling into a calm, meditative state. Its dominant diesel aroma, laced with undertones of sweet berries and earthy notes, hints at the multifaceted experience that awaits its users.

Broken Bells – The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside” is an exquisite blend of Broken Bells‘ signature indie rock soundscapes infused with shades of electronic psychedelia. The track paints a hauntingly beautiful picture, narrating the tale of a woman’s quest for freedom and the price she pays.

The infectious grooves, coupled with James Mercer’s melancholic vocals and Brian Burton’s (Danger Mouse) artful production, create a sonic space that’s both ethereal and grounded.

It’s a song that traverses the boundaries of the conscious and the ethereal, beckoning listeners to embark on an introspective journey within, to confront their own ghosts and find liberation. The underlying message of resilience and hope amidst adversity, wrapped in layers of melodic brilliance, makes “The Ghost Inside” a modern classic.

Strain Pairing: Ghost Train Haze

For a song that delves deep into the ethereal realms of self-reflection, Ghost Train Haze emerges as the strain of choice. This potent sativa, known for its high THC levels, offers an exhilarating rush of energy and creativity, followed by a wave of euphoria. Its piney and citrus aroma, combined with a hint of floral undertones, complements the ethereal nature of the song. 

Smino – Amphetamine

Amphetamine” is a testament to Smino‘s unparalleled artistry and lyrical prowess. This track, closing off his debut album, is a seven-minute odyssey that delves deep into themes of love, ambition, addiction, and the human condition. There’s a raw honesty to Smino’s delivery, where his flow effortlessly transitions from smooth and melodic to rapid and intricate.

The production, with its dreamy guitars and ethereal synth undertones, creates a sound bed that’s both hypnotic and grounding. It’s not just a song but a confessional, an introspective journey that captures the highs and lows of urban life and the constant chase for something more. “Amphetamine” is not merely a listening experience; it’s an immersion into Smino’s soul, a vulnerable and profound reflection of the world through his eyes.

Strain Pairing: Green Crack

For a track as introspective and layered as “Amphetamine,” the invigorating Green Crack is the perfect pairing. This potent sativa strain, known for its sharp focus and energizing effects, accentuates the song’s deep introspection and the relentless pace of life it describes. 



In Your Eyes” is a pristine reflection of BADBADNOTGOOD‘s ability to meld genres into a seamless auditory experience. Fusing elements of jazz, soul, and indie, this track stands out for its soulful harmonies and mellifluous instrumental interludes. The saxophone solos, coupled with the soft percussive rhythms and ethereal keys, transport listeners to a serene, almost dreamlike state.

The song embodies the delicate dance of vulnerability and intimacy, capturing the unspoken emotions and electric tension between two individuals caught in a gaze. It’s the kind of track that speaks to the soul, a gentle embrace that feels both nostalgic and new, a musical manifestation of the myriad feelings that arise when one truly looks into another’s eyes.

Strain Pairing: Granddaddy Purple

For a song as mesmerizing and emotionally nuanced as “In Your Eyes,” the balanced Granddaddy Purple becomes the strain of choice. Known for its cerebral invigoration and full-body relaxation, Granddaddy Purp complements the ebb and flow of the song’s jazz-inspired cadence. 

DRÄGER – Midnight Mystery

Midnight Mystery” by DRÄGER serves as an evocative journey through the alleys of memory, longing, and self-reflection. A descent into the psyche of

Spencer Draeger, the song elegantly melds the nostalgic ambiance of the ’80s darkwave with contemporary synth-pop sentiments, casting shadows reminiscent of hazy summer nights and unfulfilled desires. 

Lyrically profound and introspective, the song encapsulates Draeger’s wrestling with change, leaving behind the familiarity of New York and navigating the tumultuous waters of fresh beginnings on the West Coast. The song’s narrative is further accentuated by the languid, echo-laden synths, painting a picture of late-night introspections and a heart yearning for yesteryears. 

Visually, the accompanying Fred Joseph–directed music video harkens back to the golden age of music television. Imbued with neon hues and cloaked in misty textures, it captures the essence of classic ’80s TV programs like Top of the Pops. The deliberate theatricality and tongue-in-cheek approach reflect Draeger’s fondness for the enchanting music videos of a bygone era, adding another layer to the song’s retro allure.

Strain Pairing: Jack Haze

“Midnight Mystery” calls for a strain that matches its introspective depth and ethereal soundscapes. Enter Jack Haze – a Sativa-leaning hybrid known for its potent cerebral uplift and creative spark. Much like the journey of the song,

Jack Haze tantalizes with a hint of the familiar – the sharp, citrusy notes reminiscent of Jack Herer – while introducing a refreshing twist with its invigorating pine and strong tropical fruit aromas. As “Midnight Mystery” 

carries listeners through DRÄGERS memories and musings, Jack Haze offers a clear-headed yet dreamy high – the perfect accompaniment to a solo sesh of musical nostalgia and introspection.

Written by Cold Stoner

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