8 Fastest Ways To Get High With Weed

get high with weed

The world of weed has a little something for everyone. Sometimes, you just want to get high as quickly as possible.

The world of weed is surprisingly dynamic and diverse. For example, there are seemingly endless ways to actually consume cannabis and get high. And each different form of cannabis and method of consumption produces slightly different results. Here are the fastest ways to get high with weed.


At this point in the history of cannabis, dabs pretty much reign supreme. And for good reason. Because dabs are concentrates, which means they’re pretty much pure THC and terpenes that are vaporized rather than burned, they produce a range of powerful effects.

For starters, dabs generally have a stronger, more pure taste than other forms of weed. Similarly, dabbing tends to produce strong highs that set in quickly. So if you’re looking for the fastest ways to get high with weed, it’s time to start dabbing.

THC Cartridges

THC cartridges are pretty much the same thing as dabs. The key difference is that instead of setting a dab onto a hot nail and inhaling the vapor through a water pipe, you use a vape pen full of THC oil.

But in the end, the results are pretty much the same. Vaping a THC cartridge delivers remarkably pure smells and tastes. And since it’s pretty much straight THC, you’ll get blasted almost right away.


Hash is definitely the old school, classic, go-to method for getting super stoned super fast. By smoking this potent cannabis product, you’ll give yourself a huge dose of THC, making for a fast-acting and powerful high.


Smoking a bong can be an excellent way to get high quickly and easily. That’s largely because bongs let you take extra big rips, and theoretically, the more THC-rich smoke you can get into your lungs and into your bloodstream, the quicker your high will set in.

Water filtration is the reason bongs let you take such big rips. When you smoke a bong, you pull the hot weed smoke through water first. This pulls out a lot of nasty toxins in the smoke. At the same time, it also helps cool the smoke.

By the time it hits your lungs, the smoke is much cleaner, cooler, and smoother, allowing you to more easily take massive hits and hold it in your lungs.


Steamrollers are a type of weed pipe designed for one purpose: give you the biggest hits possible. You can get pretty much any size steamroller imaginable. This allows you to match your steamroller to your lung capacity.

The whole idea is to completely max out how much smoke you can get in your lungs at one time. And, not surprisingly, this typically produces some fast-acting highs.

Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs are good for fast-hitting highs for a couple reasons. First, it’s a type of bong, which means that it uses water filtration to create super smooth and cool smoke. This makes it easier to take massive rips.

Along with that, gravity bongs can be used to give yourself a huge and sudden blast of smoke. This, combined, with the fact that the smoke is easier to manage, tends to create a scenario perfect for getting high fast.

Smoke a Bowl

Smoking a bowl is another decent way to get high quickly. This is also one of the easiest, most straightforward ways to smoke weed.

Smoking a bowl can be one of the fastest ways to get high with weed because you’re pulling in unfiltered weed smoke, and because you have full control over how much smoke you hit at a time.

Compared to bongs and vaporizer, this smoke will be much harsher and hotter, but once you’re used to it, you can get some pretty fast highs this way.

Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are kind of a novelty item. It’s a potent nug covered in sticky hash oil then rolled around in kief. As a result, moonrocks are super potent and packed with THC.

When you smoke a moon rock, you should find yourself getting high pretty quickly. All that THC won’t take long to enter your bloodstream, and when that happens, you’ll be sky high.

What Are The Fastest Ways To Get High With Weed?

Whatever your preferences, there’s some sort of weed product or method of consumption out there for you. Some folks are all about the tastes and smells of cannabis. Others are purely in it for the THC. And in some cases, people are looking to get as high as quickly as possible.

If this last scenario describes you, try one of the fastest ways to get high with weed featured on this list. And, of course, if all else fails, look for a potent strain to smoke. This will at least ensure that you’re getting plenty of THC and other cannabinoids to get you high.

Written by The Jointleman

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